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PRS Token


PRS token is issued on TomoChain network. It is the crypto token behind the PORSAJ project and its value is connected directly to the value of the project and consequently the PRS value grows up or declines based on the progress and failure of the project plan.

PRS is issued by 712B tokens and is destributed based on following pie chart (Figure 1):


 PRS token

Figure 1. PRS tokens

In the first step, 1% of PRS tokens are issued for private sale with an initial price. Public tokens include 49% of tokens which sums with initial private sale tokens accounts for up to 50% of total tokens. The team keeps 10% of tokens for itself and 10% of tokens is reserved for controlling the token price while demand and supply is out of regularity. Investors can support the project by receiving 10% of total tokens. The remaining 20% of tokens is issued for referral and also trade rewards.

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