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Porsaj TA 8.7 in MetaTrader 4

Porsaj Trade Advisor (TA) is a solution which aims to help traders by providing technical advices and fundamental information. Services of Porsaj TA abbreviately includes money management advices, technical analysis based on price action and standard indicators, economic calendar and leaderboard of top-ranked traders.

Porsaj TA is available on MetaTrader now.


Porsaj TA in MetaTrader includes:

Money Management

Money management is vital for all traders preventing call margin. Most of traders especially amateur ones open positions with large lot size and obviously are kicked out of the market by small fluctuations in prices. Porsaj TA, calculates usual fluctuation of each asset and offers a base lot size and also maximum size for total orders of any trader by considering the maximum risk set by the trader. Figure 1 shows how the trader can see the size limitation of orders (BaseLot and MaxLot in Figure 1).

 money management

Figure 1. Money management


Technical Analysis

By using Porsaj TA, there exists a matrix of rectangles on top-right part of the diagram in order to present current trend and also as a prediction of changing trend (Figure 2). Each column belongs to a timeframe. The rightmost column is for M1 and consequently the leftmost column is for MN1 timeframe. First row shows upward and downward trends in all timeframes by green and red colors, respectively. The second and third row show the price state compared to the Ichimoku cloud and moving average, respectively. Green rectangle means price line is above the Ichimoku or moving average while red color shows price line is under them.

The second three rows present the prediction of trend change based on Ichimoku signals, MACD and RSI convergence and divergence. Again, green, red and white colors show up-trend, down -trend and sideway, respectively.

Finally, the last row sums up all aforementioned rows and summarize the trend analysis in the previous six rows above. By using these rectangles, traders can figure out trend of any asset in short, middle and long time period. In all rows, the darker colors mean stronger signals while lighter colors show weaker signals.

 trend channel

Figure 2. Trend in all timeframes

The main part of technical analysis appears in the second tab of the blue box. By clicking on sell or buy analysis, Porsaj TA, analyses market by applying technical rules leading to 5 stoploss values and also 5 methods for trailing stops to save profit of a trade. All stoploss values and methods offered for trailing stop are based on moving average, conversion line, base line, leading span A, and leading span B.

Furthermore, buy and sell signals which are based on technical analysis appears on the diagram by directional arrows. In this case, trader clicks on the arrow and technical analysis tab suggests stoploss values and trailing stop method to be chosen by the trader.

 technical analysis

Figure 3. Technical analysis


Economic Calendar

Economic calendar and economic events are also very vital to be notified by traders. The economic events are shown in fundamental tab (Figure 4). In this section, the impact of any event on different currencies are shown by number of stars. If the numbers are displayed in green or red, it means the current price diagram is predicted to decline or grow up, respectively.

economic calendar

Figure 4. Economic calendar


Signal Center

Signal Center or leaderboard is located in fundamental tab of the blue box (Figure 5). In this part, trader can see open trades of top-ranked traders on current or other assets. It helps the other traders to see what opinion of top-ranked traders is. By growing number of traders using Porsaj TA, this part will become very useful and valuable over time. The number of stars shows the reputation of the top traders based on the rate of their success in the previous month.



Figure 5. Signal shop or leaderboard


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