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How to earn SUIE?


You can earn money by working on Porsaj Forex Academy in different ways.

1. If you are a professional trader, you can earn money by selling signals on the website. After signing in the website, submit your signal with a price you claim for. Users have to pay you to see your signals. However, note that if number of your stars is low, the probability that someone will buy your signal is low. If you are new to the website, submit your initial signals for free, so that number of your stars will increase and consequently users will pay for your signals based on your history.

Earn money by forex signal 

If you use Porsaj TA in MetaTrader, any trade of you will be submitted to Porsaj automatically. So, you do not need to submit signals into the website manually.

2. If you have good marketing skills, you can earn money by expanding your network in our affiliate program. Porsaj offers affiliate program in two levels. In the first level, you will be awarded 10% and in the second level, 5% of your affiliate income. In addition, you will receive 10,000 SUIE for inviting each person who signs up on the website.

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3. You can earn the most by using the signals provided in Porsaj. If you are not a professional trader, even if you are a professional trader and you see Porsaj signals more profitable than yours, you can use Porsaj signals and make a very good income by trading. In this case, checking the history of the signaler is very important. If a signaler has a good track record, you can trust him and copy his trades carefully.

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